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Elizabeth Eames
Owner, Contemporary Communications Consulting

Elizabeth Eames communicationsElizabeth Eames is the owner of Brooklyn, New York-based Contemporary Communications Consulting, a full service communications and marketing firm established in 2007.  Ms. Eames has over 10 years experience in content writing, design and editing; as well as communications strategy development and execution, including media relations, training, presentation development and delivery.

Ms. Eames creates and implements comprehensive communications strategies for technology and audiovisual companies; manufacturing businesses; artists, writers and arts and education organizations.  Previous work in communications and media includes having served as media liaison to the New York Times for Brooklyn’s largest social service organization, international workshop facilitation on development aid and presentation and content editing for House Subcommittee Hearings.

Ms. Eames holds a Master’s Degree from Fordham University and a Bachelor’s Degree from St. Francis College, New York.


Mark Kyle
Business Development, Graphic Design

Mark Kyle Designer

Mark Kyle has worked as an independent and in-house graphic designer since 2002 with clients in the fields of the arts, design/build, landscape architecture, corporate, non-profit and education.

In addition to his work as a full-time and freelance graphic designer, Mark has experience working in multiple capacities in professional service industries.  He has firsthand knowledge of what it takes to meet the needs of businesses from a design and aesthetic perspective as well as a sales perspective.

With over 10 years experience working with clients to connect the look and the feel of imagery and layout for print and digital, Mark has expertise creating new visuals from concept to design and implementation as well as providing content that matches existing themes, messages and branding.

Visit Mark’s online portfolio at


Hailey Myziuk
Graphic Designer

Hailey Myziuk is a freelance designer in Detroit, Michigan. She started her freelance career in Brooklyn, NY- and eventually made the move back to her home state of Michigan. She enjoys working on a variety of projects from print, to web, to illustration. To learn more, please visit her online portfolio at